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Warning to All Of Our Visitors !!

For Your Attention, all hyips involves with high risks, investment should be cautious.

You should check what others comment on the programs, is it real paying , does the project pay all investors or only pay small investors & monitors. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are up to you.

We are not responsible for solving the problem if the site doesn't pay!

You've been warned about the hazards !!

Thank you


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Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Pays: RECEIVED September 23, 2018 @ 02:51 pm To: 1P6u1XuphAspzUKFByM9ZKtzb9bMMHfMPU From: 35abis2nEAnTuFH2fnchxGhofbvZUJzJv7 Add to description Pending: 0/3 Confirmations 20.01 $

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin 23.09.18 02:54 Account Receive +$6.50 USD to account U19805**. Batch: 229403480 Memo: Withdraw to richerdaar .

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

fast withdrawal! The amount of 6.59 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Withdraw to nooloseinvestor. Date: 07:28 22.09.18. Batch: 229307911

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Congratulations on your hyip. You did a very good job. Hope to see you paid many more payments to come soon!

Very Good investchanger.com

Really Good platform for investing. go ahead investchanger like this project

Very Good IntexFund.com

im feeling so happy, i just got paid right now

Very Good IntexFund.com

Really Good platform for investing. go ahead intexfund like this project

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

A deposit of 0.006550 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received on 1LnZEyChG4cFoBPoitLtH7XKLVne5Koq94 with transaction ID 3e4e1e9f856c4882818f06ac0ffcfa09a403e66e1bc97b082a439ab86ce1ed4f.

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

05:14 21.09.18 Receive 229095713 U1629866 Account +11.32

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

05:14 19.09.18 Receive 228957191 U1629866 Account +11.32

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

I don t see any reason not to invest here,great site with high earning.

Very Good IntexFund.com

good work, you are very good at making investors here happy

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Glad to join with the professional site.I don t worry about my money.

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Date: 18/09/2018 10:28 From/To Account : U3774322 Amount : 5.26 Currency : USD Batch : 228593736 Memo : Withdraw to khaawary.

Very Good TurnOption Llc Limited

Payment Received 2 times instant>

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

Can anyone trust investment in it. System administrators are honest and pay their members quickly.

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

05:14 16.09.18 Receive 228568356 U1629866 Account +11.32

Very Good TurnOption Llc Limited

thanks for paying me, You have filled a large part of my life

Very Good TurnOption Llc Limited

53.5 USD to account U17339265 to account U1*****. Batch: 228421309. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to seo from TURNOPTION LLC LIMITED.

Very Good JoinDeposit.com

I got payment: The amount of 4.39 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Account: ->U2027***. Memo:Withdraw to robrthyip.. Date: 06:14 14.09.18. Batch: 228345755

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  • Sep 22nd, 2018
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    10% Daily for 5 days, 20% Daily for 5 days


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Details of investchanger.com program.

investchanger.com screenshot


Lifetime: 82 days

Good Votes: 7

Monitored: 82 days

Our Investment: $60.00

Bad Votes: 0

Min/Max $10 / $50000

Payout Ratio: 149%

Support: Support E-mail Support Forum SSL-Security DDOS-Protected Unique-Design Registered

Referral: 3%

Last Paid: Sep 10th, 2018

Pay AdvancedCash Bitcoin PerfectMoney Payeer Skrill Litecoin Ethereum

Withdrawal: Instant

InvestorsStartPageDetailed analysis and reviews HYIP project investchanger.com

Plans: 2% - 2.2% Daily for 60 Days, 2.8% - 3.2% Daily for 50 Days,
4.3% - 4.8% Daily for 40 Days, 120% - 150% after 30 Days, 200% - 500% after 25 Days, 100% after 1 Day Exchanging

Investchanger is a private investment and Exchange management company Founded by a team of professional traders who know exactly what it takes to earn the most from capital market. Our company provides a full investment service focused on the Forex and cryptocurrency trading. Each trader in our group has more than 05 years of trading experience and successful trading records, as we know that is the exact point that support our company stability and profitability. We do the trading at the minimum 10 dollars, from which you can learn how to Investchanger work and investment in the trade and help you to make sure whether Investchanger is your best investing partner worthy of your trust. We also provide Exchange service with low fees. You can make different amount of investment at any time. No matter how much you have invested, we will solve all your problems in the short time.

RCB Rates
Deposit Percent % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
$10 $50 1.00% 1000% $0.00 100% $0.00
$51 $100 1.00% 900% $0.00 100% $0.00
$101 $300 1.00% 850% $0.00 100% $0.00
$301 $500 1.00% 800% $0.00 100% $0.20
$501 $800 1.00% 750% $1.00 100% $0.50
$801 $1000 1.00% 700% $2.00 100% $1.00
$1001 $3000 1.00% 600% $3.00 100% $2.00
$3001 $5000 1.00% 550% $5.00 100% $3.00
$5001 and more 1.00% 500% $7.50 100% $5.00
You can signup and login into our site to track your refbacks and receive additional 40.00% RCB

You must be our referral to request Referral Commission Back (RCB).

Please put correct your payment account, Ex: U1234567, P1234567 NOT u1234567, p1234567.

You will get bonus when you invested each program, 1st(1$) - 2nd(0.5$) - 3rd(0.3$) - 4th (0.2$) Referral. (Login requested, if you not login, you will not receive bonus, can you signup here: Sign up )

You can't deposit with one payment processor and request RCB from another.

RCB must be ordered within 24 hours after deposit. Referral Commission from older deposits will not be returned. .

Please Do NOT submit RCB request if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.

Multiple IDs are not allowed, You make max 3 IDs per days for each program, if more than we will BANNED. (login required)

We only send RCB if we got the Referral Commission Paid.

RCB for HYIP monitors, HYIP blogs and other HYIP related sites is 100%

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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RCB Quote 1st Deposit: $0.00
Re-Deposit: $0.00
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RCB Requests for investchanger.com
Date User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Jul 7th, 2018 03:27:51 hyi******* $10.00/$0.50 PerfectMoney U14******* Declined
Jul 5th, 2018 23:48:05 hyi******* $10.00/$5.00 PerfectMoney U14******* Declined